New School Year = New DUI Crackdown

Today the Mississippi Department of Public Safety announced its annual DUI crackdown entitled "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over". This announcement has become an annual back-to-school tradition, though there is a new theme every year (see previous posts here and here). The Oxford Eagle reports that the local police departments will begin the crackdown today and that it will continue until September 5th, specifically including Labor Day and the first Ole Miss home game versus BYU, and that enforcement will be particularly heavy at night and on weekends.

One thing that struck me about this year's ad is that it cites the "cost of a D.U.I." as "around $10,000.00". In my opinion, that estimate is significantly inflated. Obviously being arrested for any crime, bailing out, hiring an attorney and going through the legal process is costly. It's just that a DUI shouldn't be that costly - especially if you are ultimately found not guilty.

Obviously, the best advice is to avoid drinking and driving. But also know that while a DUI arrest may be costly, $10,000.00 is certainly not typical.

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